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VFC805A-7WS - replaces VFC804A-7WS - Fuji Electric
VFC805A-7WS picture - replaces VFC804A-7WS - Fuji Electric
VFC805A-7WS picture - replaces VFC804A-7WS - Fuji Electric ring compressor
VFC804A-7WS and VFC804A-5WS dimension comparison to VFC805A-7WS and VFC805A-5WS
VFC805A-7WS dimensions and specifications replacent for VFC804A-7WS - Fuji Electric
VFC804A-7WS - VFC804A7WS name plate - Fuji Electric
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VFC805A-7WS (VFC804A-7WS replacement)

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The VFC805A-7WS is designed by Fuji Electric™ as the direct-fit replacement for the VFC804A-7WS blower, commonly used in TransLogic® pneumatic tube systems by Swisslog™. The 805A replaces the 804A in fit, form, and function and conforms to new NEMA Premium IE3 standards.

The VFC805A-7WS is a single-stage ring compressor by Fuji Electric™ with a maximum pressure of 135 in. H2O, a maximum vacuum of 108 in. H2O, and a maximum capacity of 379 SCFM. It comes complete with a direct-drive, 11 horsepower, TEFC motor capable of operating on a wide range of voltages, and on 50 or 60 Hz.

VFC805A-7WS Spec Sheet

This is a 3-phase unit with a manual motor starter (MMS) that combines circuit breaker and thermal overload relay functions and allows for manual operation. This model features NEMA class B insulation and meets NEMA Premium IE3 efficiency standards. It is UL, CSA and CE certified as well as RoHS compliant. All products come with Fuji's standard warranty.

Orders fulfilled and shipped by Fuji Electric™. For more info, see manufacturer's website for VFC Series Ring Compressors.

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Blower motor to our tube system.
people were very helpful and the product fit/worked as described